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Addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease that requires an ongoing process in order to maintain sobriety. Many addicts suffer from chronic relapse because they’re unable to develop a new way of life in which they can interrupt their cravings with new, healthy behaviors. Hope by the Sea gives recovering addicts a rehabilitation treatment that helps them understand their relapse triggers and retrain their mind in order to overcome their compulsions to drink or use. Hope by the Sea offers solutions to addicts who are victims of chronic relapse by giving them a variety of options to help them maintain their sobriety that don’t simply revolve around 12 step recovery programs. Hope by the Sea provides recovering addicts with a medical detoxification process that allows them to be both safe and comfortable when going through withdrawal on their path to sobriety. Once the detox is complete, addicts will be evaluated in order to give them the best treatment options to help ensure sobriety. These options include holistic approaches to recovery, a Christian rehab and family programs so the loved ones of the addict can begin the healing process as well. Hope by the Sea also gives recovering addicts different options to continue their sobriety upon discharge from treatment.

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