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Addiction is a powerful disease that takes control of a person’s mind. It’s fueled by their intense cravings and mental obsession to drink or use that comes from an abnormality in their brain. The problem comes from the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for different decision making abilities, impulse control and self-awareness. The addict is often unknowingly in a state of denial about the severity of their substance abuse and may need an intervention in order to understand how their addiction is affecting them and their loved ones. Interventions can be very effective, but must be done properly or they can have a negative impact on an already difficult situation. Seabrook House is not only able to help addicts recover from addiction, but also offers services to help you stage an intervention for your loved one. It’s always beneficial to consult an addiction specialist prior to an addiction to not only help plan the intervention, but so you can be prepared for the possible scenarios once the intervention occurs. The certified Family Intervention specialists will also help you decide who should attend the intervention that may include friends, coworkers or anyone else who cares about the addict’s well-being.

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