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Sierra Tucson is a smart, savvy rehab center that specializes in customizing treatment programs for clients who are ready to overcome debilitating addictions. Our treatment professionals are passionate about the work that they do, and they will take time to get to know each of their patients on a personal level. In realizing that knowing the client is the key to customizing a treatment plan that will work, our professionals maintain a very communicative and collaborative approach to the world of treatment and recovery. We offer a wide range of treatment programs and formats because we recognize that each client has a unique set of values and personal preferences which will impact the way they learn and grow with us. At Sierra Tucson, we recognize that humans are holistic beings, and this is why we emphasize healing on all levels: psychological, physical, and spiritual. At Sierra Tucson, we truly care about our clients. Moreover, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help them get the results necessary to precipitate long-term recovery.

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