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If your life has become unmanageable as a result of your addiction to drugs or alcohol, there is hope to recover. Passages in Mulibu, Ca offers treatment for those who have a desire to stop living the life they’re living. Addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease that involves an overwhelming mental obsession and physical craving. It may seem as though you’re stuck in an ongoing cycle of drinking or using, but Passages has helped many addict who were once in a seemingly hopeless situation recover and go on to live healthy and happy lives. Addicts looking to begin a new life will first go through a medical detoxification when they enter Passages treatment center. Medical detox is important because your body and mind have become dependent to your substance of choice, which can cause symptoms of withdrawal that are both uncomfortable and dangerous. Passages has a medically trained staff that specializes in addiction to ensure that you’re both safe and comfortable throughout the detox process. Once detox is complete, you’ll begin rehabilitation where you’ll learn that you’re not a bad person, but a sick person that’s suffering from a legitimate illness. You’ll learn a new way of living and be able to have a fresh start on life.

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